Learn Guitar in Farnham/Guildford area Teacher

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Teaches: Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Learn Guitar in Farnham/Guildford area

I offer some GET-RIFFED-QUICK! solutions to help you become inspired rather than disillusioned.
It involves traditional methods (no technology or silly add-ons or daft tunings) and still requires you to grab that guitar neck, tap your foot and strum like a demon, but with consummate ease and only one thing in mind - riffing out some rocking, tuneful and great tones - FROM DAY 1 !
Whatever style, whatever level you will hear yourself improving lesson-by-lesson - Promise!


Lesson fees

Lesson typePrice
1 hour duration min - no charge for overtime£20.00

Bio: Guitar Mad since 15... Many years on - Still Am!

History: My Career took too much valuable time away from my one desire, but it did give me the opportunity to work for Peter Gabriel and the music industry.

Anyone who ever made the guitar shout, cry or beg for attention!


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